People I dont even know are hating me...why?

There is something I want to share with you, I dont even know if anyone will read this.One month ago everything has start. I signed a new working contract. The First week working was fine.Then i was sent to an other working place and there...for everything they give me the fault, i didnt do anything wrong. And if my Co-workes do something wrong our bosses also give me the fault...I work in a clothing store as someone who only sort the clothes.1. One purchaser asked me to open the jacket because something bind the zip fastener. I couldnt do it so i ask my co-worker who is also my friend to help. She tried it and I stand next to her and wait.Then our Manager came and reproach me that I should not work on the same table as my friend...I needed help...?2. A purchaser asked me for an article, I didnt know where it is, so I ask a permanent employee. Then the Manager came again and said if there is already an employee who helps her so i can go working...I know i just bring her to an employee who could help her -.- 3. After i was on toilet i came back. I had no watch around my arm, so I used my pocketwatch to Check the time.After i Put it back in my pocket, again a Manager came to me and said we have two no goes. First of all no mobilephones..this is not a mobilephone..A pocketwatch is not a mobilephone...bakaAnd second our highes priority is that the clothes are Not on the ground.. I was on Toilet one Minute ago dude.. So i decided to tell my Boss who sent me to the people above that I dont want to work at that place anyone, she said its okay. But then today she suddenly said that I have to work there otherwise i get the sack... I would terminate on my own but Now i dont have an other Job..And then today my friend told me that a girl who plays league of legends with us sometimes said that she dont like my behavior...? I didnt do anything to her..Now i just wanna know why everybody is so mean to me?Is it cause i have blue hair? (look the pic thats me)Is it cause i may look unfriendly if i look neutral?Is it cause i am an asian with blue hair?Can anyone answer me this? Why did they do this?

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